Profile of the Lab

    The Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition Lab (DAPaR) is a research group within the Institute of Applied Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel.

    Nowadays, collecting large amounts of data in science, production, business and commerce has become a routine almost everywhere. However, to access the information contained in the raw data, appropriate data analysis techniques are needed. Such techniques and algorithms are the focus of the DAPaR Lab. The research work includes, but is not limited to exploratory data analysis, clustering, classification, pattern discovery and visualization. A strong emphasis is also put on intelligent data analysis, combining domain and expert knowledge with powerful data analysis algorithms. In this context computational intelligence methods (like fuzzy systems, Bayesian networks, neural networks and evolutionary algorithms) play an important role. For more details about the research work of DAPaR we refer to our publications and our scientific activities.

    DAPaR is very active in application projects in a large variety of areas in cooperation with partners from industry, business and research institutions. An overview on projects and partners can be found here.

    Besides research and application projects DAPaR is also involved in teaching courses like Statistics, Data Mining and Computer Graphics.